Welcome to the Community Cardano NFT Giveaway

Everyone who adds an image will receive the final CNFT for free

Create an account. Add your image to the canvas.

Receive your free CNFT once the canvas is filled.


How does it work?

This is a free Cardano Art NFT giveaway to the valued members of the Cardano community. Everyone who signs up and leaves their own unique mark on this canvas will receive the completed version as an NFT.

It’s completely free to sign up and add your image to the canvas, we’ll cover the costs of sending the NFT to your wallet! It’s very easy to use, you simply create an account, select the where you want to add your image and then upload it to the canvas.

We’ll be releasing the middle section of blocks first, these are medium sized. Once these are filled we’ll then release the outer section of blocks which are smaller in size. The four large blocks in the centre are reserved for auction, this will take place once the rest of the canvas has been filled.

As soon as the canvas is filled we will proceed with minting the NFTs. We’ll send an NFT to everyone who has left their mark on the final artwork.

Why are some of the blocks reserved?

We’ll be releasing the blocks in three stages, the middle section will be available first, this allows medium sized images to be added to it.

The outer section will be available once the middle section is filled, this allows smaller sized images to be added to it.

The centre of the artwork is the final section, this will consist of four large sections which will be auctioned. The winners of the auction will be able to place a large image of whatever they want here, this will be a focal part of the final NFT.

What images can I add?

This is up to the members of the Cardano community, be as creative as you like, we hope that the final NFT perfectly captures the community as it is now.

You cannot add pornographic, hateful or gore content to this project. Anyone who does so will have it removed and their account deleted.

Will these NFTs really be free?

Yes, these NFTs are completely free and everyone who contributes by adding their image to the canvas will receive an NFT, this is a giveaway where everyone wins. We really wanted to give something to the Cardano NFT community, and thought this was a great project as not only will you receive an NFT but you can contribute to it as well!

We’ll cover the costs of sending the NFT to your wallets.

When will I receive my NFT?
As soon as the all of the canvas is filled and the auctions for the final four centre sections are complete, we’ll proceed with minting and then sending out your NFTs.
How many NFTs will there be?
It depends on how many people add to the canvas to help us fill it. Depending on how big or small the added images are, it will affect the final number of contributors and therefore the total number of NFTs. The maximum number of NFTs will be 750, so be quick and don’t miss your chance to get yours.
Why are you doing this project?
We’ve got a great community and we wanted to do a giveaway where everyone wins, there are people who don’t own any CNFTs for a multitude of reasons, and this serves as a great opportunity for them to receive one. But to take this further it’s a great opportunity to create a Cardano community designed piece of artwork that also serves as a visual moment in time which we can look back on in years to come.